ACSCopyShop: Crisis, catastrophe, copy machine broken

Our Compas from the ACS Copy Shop in Bonn, Germany, need our solidarity.

Since 2021 the collectively run „ACS Copy store“ exists in Bonn.

The plan has worked out: a dreamy idea has turned into a running store, which was able to take over the regular customers of the old operator and furthermore does great cooperation with left-wing projects all over Germany as well as internationally.

Nevertheless, the store has suffered financial losses due to the prevailing Corona crisis and now the printer, which is indispensable for the business, is beyond repair.

That’s why the ACS is now asking for your solidarity, so that this meaningful work can continue.

If you can, please give something, every Euro helps! Thank you :D.


ACS Copy Service
DE84 3705 0198 1935 5021 77
Donation purpose: Support

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