Gira Zapatista

The Zapatistas have announced they will visit Europe in the Summer of 2021 because they have decided that:

It is time for our hearts to dance again, and for their sounds and rhythm to not be those of mourning and resignation.

Thus, various Zapatista delegations, men, women, and others, the color of our earth, will go out into the world, walking or setting sail to remote lands, oceans, and skies, not to seek out difference, superiority, or offense, much less pity or apology, but to find what makes us equal.

It is not just our humanity that unites our different skin, our different ways of life, our different languages and colors. It is also, and above all, the common dream we have shared as a species as of the moment, in a seemingly distant Africa, from the lap of the very first woman, when we set out on the search for freedom that guided our first steps and which continues its path today.”

More details can be found in their latest communiques, in multiple languages, at the official site of the EZLN (Enlace Zapatista):

If you are in Bonn/Cologne and want to help organize the trip or participate in any way, please let us know at info[at]citizenssummons[dot]org.

And if you are in other regions of Germany, please visit Ya-Basta-Netz to find out more about the current state of the trip and ways to help, for instance, by donating.